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  • <p>RAPIDGROW<sup>TM</sup></p>

    RAPIDGROW™ is a new complete product line for
    all your gardening needs. Available exclusively
    at your Independent Garden Centers

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  • <h3>MYKE<sup>&reg;</sup></h3>

    MYKE® is an all-natural product line formulated for
    the different steps of indoor and outdoor planting.
    MYKE® products are easy to use and safe for the
    environment, gardeners, their families and their pets.
    Several MYKE® products contain a biological growth
    supplement called mycorrhizae.

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  • <h3>PRO-MIX<sup>&reg;</sup></h3>

    Launched in 1968, the PRO-MIX® line has succeeded in evolving to provide growers with value-added growing media that can satisfy the most stringent exigencies. Today, it is still considered as a reference on the market thanks to its ability to innovate and offer cutting-edge solutions.

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  • <p>premier</p>

    For over 85 years, PREMIER® has been complete line of natural, organic soils and manure for a wide range of outdoor gardening activities!

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  • <h3>C-I-L<sup>&reg;</sup></h3>

    C-I-L® products have been greening Canadian lawns and growing beautiful gardens for over 50 years. Products of high quality and exceptional value that meet homeowners’ needs today and tomorrow. 

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  • <p>C-I-L Golfgreen</p>

    C-I-L Golfgreen™ is a fertilizer that uses professional quality ingredients only (“golf” quality) to offer customers a high-performance product which provides the most remarkable lawns.

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  • <h3>SCHULTZ<sup>&reg;</sup></h3>

    SCHULTZ® has been a favorite gardening companion for over 50 years. Building on the popularity and success of its easy-to-use Liquid Plant Food, recognized for its famous 7 Drops® formula.

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  • <h3>Green Earth</h3>

    Good for the earth… great for the garden!
    Green Earth® is the "natural" brand of gardening
    products that are environmentally friendly and
    safe to use. Green Earth® products are formulated
    with lower toxicity ingredients derived from botanical,
    mineral and animal sources.

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  • <h3>WILSON<sup>&reg;</sup></h3>

    WILSON® Lawn & Garden Products - Bringing effective solutions to gardens and household pest control problems since 1880.

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  • <p>Plant Prod<sup><span>&reg;</span></sup></p>

    For over 50 years, Plant-Prod® has been recognized for its superior quality water-soluble fertilizers.

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  • <p>Smartones</p>

    The SmartOnes Precision Sprayer allows gardeners to control weeds and ants with great accuracy without bending over, dealing with mixing chemicals or constantly having to squeeze a trigger.

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  • <h3>FALIENOR</h3>

    For 50 years, Falienor has been a French leader specialized in growing media formulation for professional and consumer markets.

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in your yard!

Exclusive for independent garden centers, RAPIDGROWTM is a complete product line for all gardening activities. Its distinctive product offer includes specialty products for flowers, vegetables, lawn, trees & shrubs and landscaping projects. RAPIDGROWTM
is a brand of Premier Tech Ltd